You-Can Leeds Castle 10k and 5k
Sunday 25 September 2016


You-Can is a Kent-based charity providing support to young people with cancer. You can find out all about them at their web site, at

My photos of the events at Leeds Castle were a rather spur of the moment thing. My wife was running in the 10k event, and I was there as "support crew". I'd taken my camera, and when I realised quite how many runners were taking part, I volunteered my services as someone who photographs runners very regularly (
Maidstone Parkrun almost every week, for example). I made it to several parts of the route, and I've posted 427 photos here.

You'll find the photos by Jodi Hanagan, the official event photographer on
her web site, here. My thanks to Jodi for responding so positively to my offer of help. Contact Jodi directly for her photos.

Thank you.


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