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There was a time in the 1990’s when I was very much into back-country and cross-country skiing. I was fortunate to be able to lead holidays for a now sadly defunct specialist holiday company, and to teach the basics of cross-country skiing to beginners. This gave me the opportunity to ski in the wilds of Norway, off the beaten track in Switzerland and Austria, and (frequently) on the beautiful cross-country ski trails in Northern Italy. The generic term often used may be “cross-country skiing” and people tend to associate that with recreational or racing skiing in the valleys. I’ve had the opportunity to get out into the mountains on skis too, and my preferred description is “Wild skiing”.

At one time I was also maintaining a massive library of cross-country skiing photographs to be used for publicity purposes. The gallery I’ve added to this web site contains what I think are some of the best photos from that collection, which no longer exists on-line. I hope you enjoy them too.

This is not skiing as it is normally portrayed. Sadly, owing to other commitments and rising costs, I’ve not had an opportunity to get back out on my skis for a few years now. As each year passes, I begin to wonder whether I ever will, too. These were good days I look back on fondly, but maybe "that was then, this is now"?

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Dolomites Ski Tour 15

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