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This section was completely altered in early 2019.

I intended using this part of the site to showcase a few of the things I shoot that don’t fit neatly anywhere else on it at present, including occasional galleries of corporate events I’m invited to photograph. (I’m always open to offers for those, by the way!) However, GDPR legislation and/or changes in policy by several of those organisations, regarding retention or public display of photos they commissioned has meant I needed to remove a lot of material.

However, this is still here:

Maidstone Parkrun (2014 to 2019) (linked to this site April 2015)
I began photographing Maidstone Parkrun almost every Saturday morning from late in 2014. If you click on the bold heading above, it will take you to a huge collection of photos taken by me and the other regular Maidstone Parkrun photographers, and stored in a Flickr archive until early 2019. Then, Parkrun nationally said it wanted us to move to Google Photos. That was a very bad decision, in my view, because it became so difficult to share a collection of weekly, publicly available, collaborative photo galleries, and allow viewers to download photos for free, in line with Parkrun's ethos. I am no fan at all of Google photos. If you go to the Maidstone Parkrun web site, here, you can, however, see a small selection of photos in each week's run report.
Unfortunately, the "Photos" link from that web site hasn't been updated, because of the difficulty of knowing where to direct people.

Late in 2019, I reached the 150th occasion that I'd photographed Maidstone Parkrun. That seemed a good point at which to hand the role over to someone else. I also needed something like running in parkrun every week to assist with the rehabilitation of damaged knees.

Things that don't fit anywhere else! (always growing!)
The link above takes you to a small miscellany of other bits and pieces, including work from my two solo photo exhibitions, held in February 2014 and November 2016.

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