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The galleries are what this site was originally created for. The ones that have survived my drastic reorganisation of this web site are listed below:

You'll find lots of Masters Athletics photos on this site, but the rest of the list is proof that, over time, I have done much more than run and take photographs of athletes.

I’ve had a love affair with the mountains of the Italian Dolomites for nearly 40 years; I'm a fan of classic motor-sport; I love Italian cities such as Venice and Siena. Do enjoy my pictures of English Morris dancing too!

The "Other Stuff" is a gallery including artwork based on some of my photos, which I still hope to expand, when I get the opportunity. "Other Stuff" also has links to material that has appeared in my one-man exhibitions, which were held in February 2014 and November 2016.

Masters Athletics (updated 11 May 2022)

The Dolomites (updated January 2013)

Wild Skiing (updated 31 January 2013)

Classic Motorsport (updated 28 May 2013)

Pro Cycling (updated 11 September 2015)

Morris Dancing (updated 8 May 2019)

Travel Photography (updated December 2017)

Other Stuff, including exhibitions. (updated 7 May 2019)

Crete sunset 26 12 05
A Tuscan sunset

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