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I find the ‘expression “travel photography” rather inadequate, but it’s an accepted term for much of the stuff I’ve included here, and I haven’t yet come up with a better one.

I was running out of tabs for galleries, so I’ve lumped several together here, all involving things I’ve done and places I’ve been in Europe. Others will follow. I really want to get a gallery sorted of stuff about London and Paris, too.

There is some mountain photography here, but I chose to keep the Dolomites material on a separate tab, because of the dominant role those mountains have played in my life. I keep promising myself to do a "Florence" gallery too, and one for Siena, but finding time when I remember is a rare thing indeed.

So, I realise there is much I ought to be adding to this section, and it's on my list to attend to. At present, it includes:

Chamonix (updated November 2013)
After rather neglecting the French and Swiss Alps, I had a brief stopover in Chamonix in October 2011 and then had the chance in 2012 and 2013 to spend several weeks based there, mostly during spells of good weather.

Tuscany (updated 31 January 2013)
I have spent many Christmases in Tuscany and have been there in winter far more often than in summer.

Venice (updated December 2017)
I have fallen for the crumbly charms of Venice in a big way!

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