British Masters Athletics Track and Field Championships,
Alexander Stadium, Birmingham
24 and 24 June 2017


Because I am still recovering from injury, and have chosen to take 2017 as a year without competition, this was a strange BMAF championships for me. I'd not been able to get to the 2016 championships, so I really did feel rather detached from events. There were a lot of new faces, and it was almost a year since I'd covered such a large event from behind the camera, so there was much I needed to remember how to do!

Nevertheless, it was a good weekend. Much cooler than the recent heatwave weather, but bedevilled on several occasions by the wretched wind for which Alexander Stadium is well-known.


I have organised my photos into the usual four galleries for a weekend like this.

Men's action from Saturday is

Women's action from Saturday is

Men's action from Sunday is

Women's action from Sunday is

Enjoy. If you want to obtain a copy of anything in those galleries, my web page about how to do that is

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