My Exhibition - November 2016

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Right through November 2016, I held my second, very successful exhibition!

It was called "Watching The River Flow" and was hosted at the
“Below 65” Gallery, in Maidstone (sadly, it has since closed).

The exhibition was inspired by my love, bordering at times on being an obsession, of a stretch of Kent's River Medway, which runs a few minutes walk from my home. I have been photographing it for more than five years now, and have seen it in pretty much all weathers. The exhibition was subtitled "The Medway and its Moods". Many of those "moods" are to do with the fantastic skies over the river which it has been my privilege to photograph.

I was very amused when someone called my exhibition in February 2014 my "pre-retrospective" in a review. Well, I always said that the best was yet to come! I hope that the success of the November 2016 event proved that.

To run the images from the show,
click here.

Thank you to everyone who attended the show. Particular thanks to those who bought stuff. And thanks to those who supported it from afar, on Twitter, etc, even if you were not able to get there.

If you'd like to host a re-run of the show somewhere, do let me know. Copies of all of the work exhibited was and still is for sale - nothing was a "limited edition".

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