Blue Tuscan Landscape 2

Dawn, near Radicofani

I’ve been in love with Tuscany since time first time I visited, back in the early 1990’s. I used to spend Christmas there when I could. That’s what will possibly mark these albums out from some others you will see elsewhere about Tuscany. Almost every photograph was taken in mid or late December.

I can’t remotely claim to have “been everywhere, done everything” in Tuscany. To me, it isn’t that sort of place. I have, however, spent a lot of time in and around Siena and Pienza. If you have too, you will recognise many of the photographs.

I have sorted the views very simply. I have not captioned the photos. Sadly, I have also had to watermark the photos in the galleries quite boldly. This follows from a bad experience with another web site I had a while back, that ripped off my work and presented my photos as theirs.

The Tuscan countryside in midwinter is a place of mists, fogs, bright sunshine and amazing contrasts. The towns are quiet, and there are seldom, if ever, the sort of queues to gain admission to cathedrals, museums etc that are the bane of major tourist places in summer.

These four galleries can only give you a glimpse, of course. They all overlap, inevitably. Each has a “slideshow” option.

Tuscan Landscapes Shot at all times of day. In December, sunrise doesn’t even mean getting up early!

Tuscan Townscapes The colours and texture of many small towns.

Cathedrals and Churches Mostly small, mainly charming.

Siena Because it deserves a gallery all to itself.

Florence (eventually)

Pienza View 2 27 10 05

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