Masters Athletics 2014

SCVAC Indoor Championships, Lee Valley,
Saturday 15 February 2014

I was completely tied up with
my exhibition and missed these Championships. So, sorry, no photos this year.

South of England/Eastern Vets and VAC Indoor Championships, Lee Valley,
Sunday 16 February 2014

Not as big a meet as in 2013, but that was fine for me, because it was my return to indoor racing after missing the whole of the 2013 indoor season with a bad foot injury. I’m delighted to say that, despite being 59 and 11 months, I won the M55 60m event and came second in the 200m.

However, I intentionally left the camera at home in order to concentrate on racing, so apologies, no photos of this one either.


Masters Inter Area Match Indoors, Lee Valley,
Sunday 23 February 2014

A prime slot for this important event this year, though the venue is clearly too far for several Area squads to travel to, and some teams were therefore disappointingly small. I only got to run a 4x200m relay leg, but I was pleased with it, nonetheless.

Photos of women’s events here

Photos of men’s events here


British Masters Indoor Championships, Lee Valley,
Saturday/Sunday 8/9 March 2014

Having been injured for the whole of the 2013 indoor season, I’d not raced a British championship for a while. Although just two weeks short of moving to the M60 age group, I won a bronze medal in the M55 60 metres, which was rather pleasing. Preparation for the forthcoming World Indoor Championships in Hungary, for me and many taking part.

This was a huge championships, with near record entry numbers. One thing that had not changed was the awful lighting conditions inside the Lee Valley arena. A constant struggle!

Photos of men’s events, Saturday here

Photos of women’s events, Saturday here

Photos of men’s events, Sunday here

Photos of women’s events, Sunday here


World Masters Indoor Championships, Budapest, Hungary
25 to 30 March 2014

I shot more than 5,000 photos in Budapest. These have been edited down to a more reasonable number posted on this site. That was a big job, done mostly while I was suffering from severe bronchitis which I had caught in Budapest.

Thanks for your patience.

I blogged my experiences in Budapest

Photos of
Day 2, Wednesday 26 March here
(I raced on Day 1 and shot nothing)

Photos of
Day 4, Friday 28 March here
(I raced again on Day 3 and shot nothing)

Photos of
Day 5, Saturday 29 March here

Photos of
Day 6, Sunday 30 March here


Southern Counties Masters Championships, Lee Valley Track
Sunday 8 June 2014

A lovely sunny day (for a change) but spoiled by a very strong headwind for all of the sprints. This has become a sad meet, and is a mere shadow of its former self. Something urgently needs to be done to rescue it, because the number of competitors turning up this year hit an all time low, I think.

I raced in the 100m and 200m, which, as usual, accounts for the absence of most of the sprint events from my coverage.

Click here to see the photos


England Athletics Masters Inter-Area Match, Solihull
Sunday 20 July 2014

This is always a good event, though it would be even better with a few more faces there. This year’s match was held on a particularly hot and humid afternoon, for a change!

I raced in the 100m and the sprint relay. This means that no, I was not able to cover every event with my camera. That’s why several field events are missing, for example. Nothing personal.

Click here to see the photos


British Masters Athletics Championships, Birmingham
Saturday 9 August and Sunday 10 August 2014

A long weekend, and one of very mixed weather. Saturday was basically very pleasant, but Sunday morning was a rain-soaked nightmare.

I shot much of the weekend’s activity in the stadium. Viewers here will need to remember that on both days, I also had races to compete in myself. Therefore, I was not out photographing when warming up, racing, warming down, etc. Please read this paragraph again. I still get regular complaints about missing this event or that. There is also only one of me, and I cannot be everywhere.

Click here for photos of men’s events from Saturday

Click here for photos of women’s events from Saturday

Click here for photos of men’s events from Sunday

Click here for photos of women’s events from Sunday

Southern Counties Masters League Final, Ashford
Sunday 7 September 2014

I have been going to this big match for as long as I’ve been competing in Masters athletics, but until now, I’ve always been there as a competitor. This year, however, my Club failed to qualify, for the first time in the history of the event, I think. However, I did get to attend as photographer. A very strange feeling, that.

Well done to arch-opponents in the Kent Masters League, Cambridge Harriers, who won the men’s competition, and to Epsom and Ewell, who again won the women’s competition.

Click here for the photos

British Masters Athletics Decathlon, Heptathlon, Throws Pentathlon and 10,000 metres Track Championships 2014,
Alexander Stadium, Birmingham
Saturday 20 September and Sunday 21 September 2014

A big weekend for the athletes and a huge weekend for me as a photographer trying (and ultimately failing) to cover it all single-handed.

My aim was to get at least one good shot of every competitor in each event. I came quite close, and I think I have only missed a full set for three or four decathletes. However, they moved the heptathlon javelin outside the main stadium on the Sunday without telling me, and I missed it all. Sorry ladies.

It also became clear, early on during the Saturday morning, that it would be impossible for me to cover the decathlon and heptathlon as well as the throws pentathlon, so, sorry too to the throwers, my coverage of you is minimal.

Well done to all who competed over the weekend and to those who organised this big and complicated event. I am in awe, as usual.

Click here for photos of Decathlon Championships Day 1

Click here for photos of Decathlon Championships Day 2

Click here for photos of the Heptathlon Championships

Click here for photos from the Throws Pentathlons

Click here for photos from the 10,000 metres Track Championships

Oh, and if any decathletes are interested in buying an A4 sheet containing an image from each of their ten of their Decathlon events, do please e-mail me to let me know.

One Hour “Speed Decathlon” Competitions,
Down Grange, Basingstoke
Saturday 27 September 2014

I was delighted to be able to photograph this unique event, superbly arranged by Geoff Butler (who also competed) and the Basingstoke and Mid Hants Athletic Club.

All ten decathlon events in an hour! Competitors had to start their 1,500m race not more than an hour after the gun went for their 100m. This wasn’t specifically a Masters event. The morning was mostly Masters athletes and under 20s, plus one brave lady! The afternoon was for senior men.

Well done to all who took part.

There was a “Chunder Mile” added on at the end of the day, of which there are a few shots.

Click here for photos from the morning session

Click here for photos from the afternoon session


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