I’ve developed a deep love of Venice over the course of about ten visits. These have ranged from brief one day excursions when staying nearby, to much longer explorations. The place gets under your skin, and it’s easy to see why people rave about it.

That said, I’d accept that it is an over-visited and over-photographed place, and I acknowledge the irony of admitting that. When I go, I always wince at the mindlessness of much of the tourism and the tourists - particularly those from America, Japan and Korea disgorging from huge and (in a Venetian context) totally inappropriate, cavernous cruise liners.

When I see any gallery of Venice photos, I always see places and angles that I’ve shot myself. Even when I look at galleries I’ve shot myself over the years, I find places I’ve gone back to time and again, often without realising it. That is, I guess, a tribute to the volume of things there are to experience in and around the city.

To avoid some of that repetition, this section of the web site currently only includes 100 of my favourite shots from one single visit.

City of Water (updated 3 April 2013)

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