Back of Marmolada panorama

Looking towards the South face of the Marmolada, Italian Dolomites

elcome to my web site.

If you visit regularly, you'll find that it is pretty constantly “in progress”. The site began several years ago, but it has expanded considerably as time has passed. There’s some background about it, and a bit about me,

You’ll find links on this page to the most recent bits I’ve added. Many visitors come here for the
Masters Athletics photos. You’ll find the navigation link to these and to all of the other galleries on the site via the “My Galleries” at the top of this page.

The website is also associated with two blogs that I update fairly regularly. “Blog From A Faster Master” tells the story of what it’s like to be a very competitive Masters athlete. More recently, I added “A Blog on a Landscape”, which takes some of my landscape photographs and tells a bit of the story behind them. By way of warning, do realise I use a pretty wide definition of “landscape”.

I also have a second web site, which is a labour of love, at That site tells its own story.

I add to several of the photo galleries here fairly regularly, and I don’t often remove galleries. However, if you are returning to the site and can’t find what you saw here before, drop me an e-mail. There's a "contact" link at the foot of every page of the site.

Some time soon, I very much hope to add more pieces to the galleries that cover the artwork that I do. There is a little of this
here but following on from my exhibition in February 2014 I need to get it properly sorted.

I hope you find something you enjoy.


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