Still Not Doing
(much of anything really)

This introduction marks my first proper review of this site in 2021. Life goes on, but not really as we know it.

Unlike last year, before the coronavirus pandemic struck, I can't claim to have had hatched much in the way of exciting plans for 2021. In fact, I can't claim to have made any plans. This thing has placed us all in a "let's just wait and see" mode. To make matters worse, I began the year riddled with minor running injuries, including an ongoing problem with both knees. The diary showed no real possibility of competition for me until at least late June, depending on the progress nationally with Covid vaccinations and success in tackling the growth and extent of the pandemic. My attempts to get "running fit" coincided with irritating injuries to my lower legs, and finally in a very unwelcome recurrence of back trouble.

I'm writing this in early May. I'm getting news of opportunities to race, which I am not prepared for yet, the weather has been grim, and restrictions on movement (aka "lockdown") have taken a lot of fun out of everyone's lives. I'm glad recently to have had the second of my two Covid vaccinations, but I'm still keeping a low and rather solitary profile. I have no faith whatsoever in the plans of our politicians to "open up" the country over the next few months, because these seem out of touch with current and past patterns in the way the virus has developed in the past, and I think we are just in danger of reinventing previously catastrophic wheels.

I'm walking in the countryside a lot, mostly locally to home, but a little further afield at the weekend, restricted mostly by national rules on what has been seen to be permissible, and despite a lack of a clear definition of the phrase "stay local".

Masters Athletics remains mostly in abeyance at the moment, though there are a few diary dates in June and July where I may turn out as a photographer. We'll see.

I need to update my blogs. I was just getting bored of basically saying "I've nothing to tell you". I've been spending a lot of time updating my photo archives - far, far longer than I'd estimated this would take me. This has been useful work, but it has shown me that there are only so many times you can walk down Memory Lane. For now, that work is nearly finished. I hope it hasn't interfered with access to the contents of this web site. Apologies if you have encountered any problems, though. Do let me know, in case they are something I'm not yet aware of and need to take action on.


And stay safe, still.


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