My standard terms and conditions for the sale or supply of my photographs - Last revised March 2019

  1. I am happy to sell you a copy of almost any photograph which appears on this web site, provided that it is one I have taken myself. There are a very few (for example, those of me) on the site that have kindly been given to me by friends. Even if you wanted a copy of one of these, I would not be able to sell you one.
  2. There will also be occasions when, because of conditions imposed on me by a third party, I may not be able to sell you a copy of a photo from a particular batch of work.
  3. As is made clear elsewhere on my web site, I will sell copies of my Masters Athletics photos, to be sent by e-mail or other electronic transfer service, such as "We Transfer", that you can print from yourself, load on a web page, etc. At my discretion, I will quote a price for prints of these, upon request, but I do not now routinely offer a print service.
  4. Although many of my photos on the web site have text across the middle of the photo, to deter unauthorised use, the copies I sell and supply by e-mail will not.
  5. I reserve the right to alter my prices at any time, without warning.
  6. If I find anyone has copied photos directly from my web site and is using them on another web site without my permission, I will take action to ensure the photos are removed, and that payment for them is made to me. Sorry, but I am not running a charity.
  7. If I supply you with a copy of a photo by e-mail or web transfer and you use it on a web site, I will expect you to include a credit to me and to my web site when you display it.
  8. I am not prepared to let anyone pass off my photos as their own. I will take legal action if necessary if you do this.
  9. I will not, under any circumstances, sell or surrender the copyright for any of my photos. Don’t even ask. The answer is NO.
  10. I will consider making e-mailed copies of photos available for press use etc, when this will help promote Masters athletics, and Masters athletes. I reserve the right to decide when, and to whom I will offer this. After my generosity was abused several times, I am no longer prepared make this material available without charge. If it is badly reproduced, expect me to be unhappy, because you will be failing to show my work at the standard it was supplied to you. That may reflect badly on me, as well as your own publication or web site.
  11. If I do print a photo for you, and you don’t think it does justice to the shot that you saw on my web site, I will reprint it for you, provided that you return the original print to me with your comments. I always try to make the prints better than the versions you see on the web site!
  12. If I send you a photo by e-mail it will be sent as an e-mail attachment - not embedded into the e-mail message itself- unless we have specifically agreed other arrangements beforehand. Sorry, but I cannot give advice on e-mail settings on individual customer's computers if you have any problems opening the attachment. If you order a batch of photos, I will send it to you using a web transfer service such as "We Transfer".
  13. If anything here is not clear, please contact me for clarification.