Masters Athletics 2018


2017 was an unusual year for me. Shoulder injury dictated that I couldn't race all year, while I concentrated on rehabilitating the damage. It paid off, and I'm back racing in 2018, I hope.


SCVAC Indoor Championships, Lee Valley,
Sunday 18 February 2018

My return to racing! I was very happy to win my 200 metres, but less happy to irritate my right calf in doing so. It meant I had to pull out of the 60 metres. I guess it gave me a chance to get a few photos I'd not otherwise have taken.

here for a gallery of 192 shots of track events from the day.

UK Masters Inter Area Match, Lee Valley,
Sunday 4 March 2018

Some very bad weather in the days before this event had meant a number of the events were not well supported, but there were still enough there for the match to over-run by more than an hour!

There are 229 photos in my gallery. They are mainly from the events in the morning. I spent most of the afternoon warming up, racing and doing all of the hanging about that taking part entails.

here for the photos.

British Masters Indoor Championships 2018, Lee Valley
10 and 11 March 2018

Resting an injury before the European Masters a week later meant that I didn't compete in this year's British Masters Indoors. The up-side of that was that I got to shoot a lot of events I'd otherwise have missed.

here for a page which has the links to those photos.

European Masters Indoor Championships 2018, Madrid
19 to 24 March 2018

here for a separate page covering my experiences at the 2018 European Masters Indoors, and to see my photos from the week.

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