2018 Thoughts

The finish of the M50 800 metres final at the World Masters Championships in Malaga. Very close.

Owing to injury, I didn't race at all in 2017, so for me, the 2018 season was going to be a big deal - could I still do it? Winning my first race back, but damaging a calf muscle as I crossed the finish line didn't really answer that question. I missed most of the indoor athletics season, but bounced back for a 5th place in the final of the 60 metres in the European Masters in Madrid in March. So far, so good.

I had a very good summer, too, sitting near the top of my age group rankings at 100 metres all season. Everything felt stable, and I was running fast. Then came the British Masters Championships, where I had a very real chance of winning my first national outdoor title, and the disaster of my right hamstring failing me just as I was getting going in the race. That put paid to my chances, and also meant I'd only be a bystander in the elite media crew at the World Masters Championships in Malaga just over a week later. Not so good.

Anyway, at least I got a great set of photos from Malaga, which you can see

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